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Join us here at Pitch Black for an evening of ghost hunting in some of England's and Scotland's most haunted buildings, We need your help to catch and seek out the undead and show people proof that the unexplained will become explained soon.

Based in the North East but travelling the UK to offer the most intense Ghost Hunting experience . Will you #daretojoinus?

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Purchasing tickets/deposit option, how it works.

We offer a deposit option on our larger venue ghost hunts to help spread the cost. Our cheaper locations must be paid for in full at the time of booking. When using the 'deposit option' you will be paying a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit as stated in our Terms & Conditions. All balances will require full payment 4 weeks before the ghost hunt takes place. You can log on to this website and choose the 'pay remaining balance' button up to 4 weeks before the date  of the chosen event. It is your responsibility to make sure final balances are paid on time. Unpaid balances after the due date means we reserve the right to resell the tickets, any deposits paid will be retained.

When purchasing tickets you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours. Once tickets are paid for in full you will then receive email 'e ticket' and a copy of our 'terms and conditions'. Your name will then be added to our guest list. By purchasing tickets you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions which are available to read on this website. Please note that some locations do not allow Ouija boards or photos/videos been taken on the premises.   

The age requirement is 18 years+ or over 16 accompanied with a responsible adult unless otherwise stated on the event. No expecting ladies please.

Happy Hunting!


April 2018

The abandoned Park Hotel



Saturday 28th April, 2018

9pm - 8am

£55 each

Ghost Hunt & Sleepover - Guests to bring there own sleeping equipment please note this is an abandoned hotel


Join us as we head back to the Abandoned Park Hotel in Morecombe. Once a elegant thriving Victorian seaside hotel now stands abandoned. Documented suicides, murders and deaths echo around the dark corridors. An original reception area, bedrooms, servants quarters, an old library and an observatory where once a green light illuminated the hotel to ward off evil spirits. The reception bell been heard when no one was there to check in, lights flickering on demand, a ghostly girls voice heard in the cellars and a pool ball been thrown across the room during our group call out. Who roams this hotel? Who checked in but never checked out? #daretojoinus?

*Guests must bring the own sleeping equipment, pillows, sleeping bags, blow up beds as this is an abandoned hotel.*

The Park Hotel.jpg

What to expect on the night:

  • Equipment demonstration

  • Group vigils

  • Lone vigils

  • Full use of our equipment

  • Tea & toast breakfast will be available in the morning

  • A choice of tea/coffee/hot chocolate/bottled water and biscuits

May 2018

Mary Kings Close - Edinburgh


Saturday 5th May, 2018

10.30pm - 2.30am

£65 each - deposit option available


Mary Kings Close consists of a number of historic houses , shops and taverns which housed hundreds of local residences. It is now buried under the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, it is shrouded in myths and urban legends; tales of hauntings and murders. In 1645 the streets were hit by the plague and in order to contain the disease the city went on lockdown and hundreds died in there homes. In the mid 1800's the government decided to build the Royal Exchange building on top of the close and the close lay abandoned and  forgotten about for centuries. Some staff refuse to enter alone, many apparitions have been reported. Footsteps have been heard and a spirit of a little girl 'Annie' has been seen looking for her mummy, so many people have seen her visitors now leave teddies for her to play with. Will you #daretojoinus?



mary Kings .jpg

What to expect on the night:

  • Please note no Ouija boards will be used at this location
  • Equipment demonstration

  • Group vigils

  • Full use of our equipment

  • A choice of tea/coffee/hot chocolate/bottled water and biscuits


May 2018

The Victoria Tunnels - Newcastle


Saturday 19th May, 2018

7pm - 11pm

£30 Each


The Victoria Tunnel is a preserved 19th century waggonway built to transport coal from Spital Tongues (Leazes Main) Colliery to the river and operated between 1842 and the 1860's. The Tunnel was converted in 1939 into an air raid shelter to protect thousands of Newcastle citizens during World War 2. Dark shadows and mists have said to be seen. Footsteps and the feeling of being watched have been reported. Will you #datetojoinus?



What to expect on the night:

  • Equipment demonstration

  • Group vigils

  • Lone vigils

  • Full use of our equipment

  • A choice of tea/coffee/hot chocolate/bottled water, crisps and biscuits  



June 2018

The Old Nick Theatre - Gainsborough

Saturday 2nd June, 2018

8.50pm - 1am

£35 - each Deposit option available 



Built in 1850 and was once a divisional HQ for the Lincolnshire constabulary for over a hundred years. The building consisted of cells, police living quarters and a courtroom. Original cells are still in place in the basement but in 1979 the courtroom was converted into a 55 seated theatre which opened in 1980 and is still used today. There have been over 20 documented deaths in the building.

Ghostly reports of doors slamming and locking themselves, people being touched and pushed, a full bodied apparition seen in the exercise yard and staff refusing to go into certain areas of the building after hearing disembodied voices. Will you #daretojoinus?


The Old Nick photo.jpg

What to expect on the night:

  • Equipment demonstration

  • Group vigils

  • Lone vigils

  • Full use of our equipment

  • A choice of tea/coffee/hot chocolate/bottled water, crisps and biscuits

Payment options

*If using the deposit option remaining balances are due Saturday 5th May, 2018


July 2018

Mainsforth Miners Hall - Durham


Saturday7th July, 2018

9:50pm - 2am 

£25 Each


Mainsforth and District Community Association was built in 1927 as the Miners Welfare Hall. The Miners originally paid 6p a week for the hall of their wages. Local building company Lazenby were hired to build the hall, one of the workers sadly lost his life during the building of the hall. The hall was the community hub for the local miners and it was used for almost everything , Socialising, Library, Welfare, Clinics and much more, Until the mine closed in 1982 it was then used as a centre for the minors to sign on as unemployed The Hall has been used over the years for many different events including North east comedian Bobby Thompson, Labour Party Conferences and even radio shows that were staged in order to keep spirits up during the war. Believed to have once been a temporary hospital during the second world war and area that practiced witch craft. Full bodied apparitions and dark shadows have been seen around the building. The feeling of uneasiness and been watched. Theatre seats moving down on there own. Footsteps and stage doors banging when no one is around. This is one intense night.. will you #daretojoinus?


mainsforth hall.jpg


What to expect on the night:

  • Equipment demonstration

  • Group vigils

  • Lone vigils

  • Full use of our equipment

  • A choice of tea/coffee/hot chocolate/bottled water and biscuits  

July, 2018

The Seance - Ryton Masonic Lodge



Saturday 21st July, 2018

9.30pm - 1.30am

£27 Each

Tickets on sale Friday 27th April, 2018 at 6pm


This amazing building dates back hundreds of years and was once a grand Manor House to the 1st Mayor of Newcastle which sat on a huge piece of land. It has an adjoining house which is believed to have once been the the servants quarters. In 1920, twenty six Ryton Masonic Brethren met to discuss the formation of a new lodge. It was to be named Ryton Holy Cross Lodge after Ryton Holy Cross Church which had been built 700 years earlier in 1220. Those Brethren were to become the founder members. And it is still used by the Masons to this day.

. It's believed the current owner won't enter the building alone as ghostly sightings are reported and the feeling of uneasiness. Staff are said to have caught photos of orbs entering the room then disappearing through the wall.  A story of a murder on the stair well which was covered up as a accident leads us to believe this is a unsettled spirit trying to communicate with the living. And a further death of a mason by accident  in the corridor, is this the spirit seen wandering upstairs ?




What to expect on the night:

  • Equipment demonstration

  • Group vigils

  • Lone vigils

  • Full use of our equipment

  • A choice of tea/coffee/hot chocolate/bottled water and biscuits  





More events added soon


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Its great to get feedback from our guests here are a few recent ones.


Anna Mackay reviewed Pitch Black Investigations – 5 star

23 July 2017· 

great group of people .was a great night with some strange things going on down in those tunnels


Claire Batey Hanson reviewed Pitch Black Investigations – 5 star

10 July 2017· 

Really enjoyed my night at the mainsforth miners hall! Fantastic experience with a great team! So hooked now and waiting to book again!


Lee Warren reviewed Pitch Black Investigations – 5 star

15/3/17 · 


Lesley Smith reviewed Pitch Black Investigations – 5 stars · 


Amazing night at the Washington aircraft museum. Great team, fab equipment and great venue! We Loved every minute ����� Can not wait to be part of another investigation , when you attend one in person they create even more questions in your head about the paranormal by the time you leave lol it's so amazing!


Claire Carling reviewed Pitch Black Investigations – 5 star


Amazing night last night at St Catherine's asylum.. seen and heard some things that just couldn't be explained. Had such a laugh even though we were all terrified in that basement! Second one I've been to, and definitely won't be the last.. the team always make you feel welcome, so thanks for yet another great experience, will see you again, hopefully sooner rather than later! X


Kim Garbutt reviewed Pitch Black Investigations – 5 star


Our 1st experience of doing this & can honestly say beforehand I was absolutely pooing myself but once we got started it was amazing team totally reassuring and when we heard/felt things and got messages I was over the moon (although somewhat emotional) and loved every minute of it!! Will definitely be doing this again I'm hooked so once again Thankyou to the Pitchblack team we will definitely be seeing you again!!

Loretta Young reviewed Pitch Black Investigations – 5 star

3 October at 01:43 · 

We had a brilliant night at East Drive, Pontefract last night. The team were very welcoming and professional. We had a great laugh as well as the serious stuff. We had noises, lights, a bunch of keys swinging on their own for about 10 minutes, a random ball being slung over the banister in slow motion, a heavy propped up mirror tipping over and a grand finale of a child's pushchair, a doll and a ball being slung down the stairs!

It was a fantastic night. Thankyou to Carrie and the team-we'll definitely be booking again �


Steven James Fee reviewed Pitch Black Investigations – 5 star

7 August · 

Very professional, Turning a sceptic to a believer, had lots of fun with the team.Highly recommended!


Katie Ivy Myers‎ to Pitch Black Investigations

28 July 2015 · 

Went on an evening with these guys last year with a group of friends,had plenty of activity,and some very specific things came through,I'm absolutely astonished that a year later everything that got said completely makes sense....really unreal experience,some things have to be seen/heard to be believed......I am 110% no longer a sceptic,very professional down to earth group of people,thoroughly reccomend.


Kirsty Uttley reviewed Pitch Black Investigations – 5 star

2/10/2016 · 

Had a great evening! Laughs and scares! Will be definitely be booking again x





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